• National Taiwan University (LL.B.)


  • Member of Taiwan Bar Association
  • Judges and Prosecutors Exam Passed
  • Taiwan Bar Exam Passed


  • Judge, Taiwan High Court (2017-2019)
  • Judge, Taiwan Taipei District Court (2013-2017)
  • Prosecutor, Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office (2001-2013)

Claire Lai graduated from the law school of National Taiwan University in 1998 and passed both the Examination for Judges and Prosecutors and the Examination for Lawyers in the next year. After the judicial training, she was assigned to the Taiwan Taipei Prosecutor Office and served as the prosecutor for twelve years, handling criminal cases involving intellectual property, scam gangs, drug dealing, women and children protection, corruption and securities crimes.  She then was selected as the Model Civil Servant by the Ministry of Justice in 2011.  Thereafter, Claire transferred to be the judge in the Taiwan District Court, trying labor, medical, construction and domestic disputes. Due to the performance, she was elected as the judge in the Taiwan High Court.

Claire is adept at the Taiwan civil and criminal procedure. She also holds a meticulous attitude toward every case in front of her and thus could always identify the best solution. Claire believes her expertise could help pursue the clientʼs best interest.