• National Taiwan University (LL.M.)
  • National Taiwan University (LL.B.)


  • Commercial Contract Fundamentals Certificate (Berkeley Law Executive Education, January, 2024)
  • Member of Taiwan Bar Association


  • Lecturer, Entertainment Law Forum, Soochow University (2024)
  • Intern Attorney, Chen & Lin Attorneys-at-Law (2017-2018)
  • Teaching Assistant of Professor Ming-Yan Shieh, College of Law, National Taiwan University (2017, 2014-2015)
  • Administrative Assistant, Center for Law, Technology and Ethics, National Taiwan University (2016)
  • Legal Assistant, Robots and Medical Mechatronics Lab, Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Taiwan University (2015)
  • Research Assistant, Digital Service Innovation Institute, Institute for Information Industry (2015)
  • Introduction to Entertainment Law (Co-author, New Sharing Culture, October, 2022)
  • A Study on the Role of Hosting Service Intermediaries in Copyright Law—Focusing on Music Works (Master Thesis, 2017)

C.N. Hsu mainly handles cases related to intellectual property rights, including litigation and transactional matters of copyrights, patents, trademarks, domain name disputes and trade secrets, and provides clients with contract review and regulatory compliance services.

C.N. Hsu had worked as a research assistant in the Institute for Information Industry and National Taiwan University before joining Chen and Lin., and she is equipped with the ability to integrate emerging technology and the legal profession. C.N. Hsu has dealt with infringement lawsuits of copyrights, patents and trade secrets, trademarks invalidation as well as cancellation cases and transitional domain name disputes. She has experience in reviewing various types of contracts, covering license contracts, OEM manufacturing contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Thus, she is competent to provide foreign and domestic clients with comprehensive legal services on intellectual property rights.

With her discreet and scrupulous characteristic, C.N. Hsu is capable of proposing feasible solutions for different cases and providing clients with macro but thorough legal services.