• National Taiwan University (LL.M.)
  • National ChenChi University (LL.B.)


  • Member of Taiwan Bar Association


  • Intern Attorney, Chen & Lin Attorneys-at-Law(2020)
  • Research Assistant, Anchung Attorneys-at-Law (2019)
  • Social Media Manager, Zhe Lu Attorneys-at-Law(2017-2019)
  • The Securities Regulation of Taiwan’s Private Equity Funds— Focusing on Investment Company Funds (Master Thesis, 2019)

Charles Chang majors in business laws during law school, including corporation law, security law and corporate government, and studies private equity funds as the topic of the master thesis. Before serving at Chen & Lin, Charles had consulted common civil and criminal disputes as a social media manager in a law firm; he had also conducted legal research and drafted complaints regarding anti-trust sanction for concrete company as a research assistant. Owing to these experiences, Charles is capable of handling business issues, fund investment, common civil and criminal disputes and anti-trust cases.

Charles provides services mainly in commercial cases at Chen & Lin, including establishment of branch office for foreign corporates in Taiwan, change of representative, dissenter right to buy back shares and liquidation; he had also reviewed contracts with respect to merchandise purchase contract, share purchase agreement and subscription agreement for private equity fund. On top of that, Charles had contributed in transaction projects such as due diligence for precision machine business. With his experiences in various cases, Charles is able to provide valuable services regarding company compliance, investment, dispute resolution and transaction.

In addition to corporates and transactional cases, Charles had supported litigations, including case studies regarding merchandise payment disputes, trade secrets, employment of foreigner, and labor payment disputes.

With the background of traditional law training and modern social media experience, Charles is able to keep up with trending topics and provide professional and efficient service.